Is Trump good on the economy?

The current president polls higher on the economy than his challenger Joe Biden, but what has he done to deserve support? Trump has let the COVID19 pandemic grow out of control and gross domestic product (GDP) crashed because of it. Trump gives the wealthy and business whatever they want for short-term success with no investment in infrastructure for the long-term. The deficit for US government spending is at new highs, and our debt has ballooned with nothing gained for the majority of citizens. More money to people who don’t need it, and increased anxiety for working people whose healthcare and other benefits are shrinking. The stock markets are moving up because there is more money for the wealthy to invest while companies are becoming more efficient with fewer employees. The US is coming to a point where short-term thinking and greed on the economy may lead to a market crash. The stakes of the 2020 election are massive. Everyone needs to search for the truth and plan your vote in 2020!

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