Bats***t Crazy

Brian Stelter in his new book “Hoax” says that Fox personalities like Sean Hannity have stated that Trump is crazy, but don’t share this with their viewers. The current president has revealed the cowardice and lack of patriotism in the Republican Senate, House of Representatives, party apparatus, and media. Either for love of power or fear of a tweet many persons in positions of leadership and public trust deserve neither. The question for us is when does this end and what happens to the people who help perpetrate a lie to the American people? Why do so many conservatives and Republicans lack a moral compass? I believe that the underlying racism of the Republican Party since the Southern strategy of the 1960s has left these people with little but hatred or self-interest. Lying and deception have become so ingrained that decency is hard to find among Republicans in the age of Trump. It is stunning. America may be swallowed by the filth we find ourselves stuck in, but we will fight in the upcoming election. Plan your vote and know your options by texting “vote” to 30330.

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