John Lewis believed

John Lewis was great a American who built a reputation of standing up for liberty and justice everyone. We say liberty and justice for all in our pledge of allegiance regularly, but we still struggle to achieve that lofty goal. Some Americans believe in a just society while clearly others are not interested in equal rights, or justice. An example is the upcoming election where Republicans do not want mail-in ballots because more people might vote. John Lewis had faith in people; if they knew the truth they would move toward liberty and justice for all. Right wing media regularly distorts the truth to support policies that are unfair and will lead to failures like the current pandemic. America has been a great country because we made decisions based on truth while pursuing the growth of human potential. Over time more citizens have become able to pursue happiness but now some want to return to a great time in the past. The United States is not going back to the past without destroying itself. We need more believers in peace and justice like John Lewis to continue our movement toward our potential, as we leave the filth of fascism behind.

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