We have a candidate

The choice that we will have in November 2020 is shaping up as the Democratic primary ends today with Bernie Sanders’ endorsement of former Vice President Joe Biden. Joe Biden or Donald Trump. I would assume that most serious people who have observed the current president have made up their minds already. It is important that every voter take a serious look at the positives and negatives for each candidate. Joe Biden has a long history of government service and Trump has more than three years in office for everyone to research. Trump is undoubtedly concerned about the many legal issues that would be in his future if he were not the president and will do everything possible to avoid jeopardy. Biden is a known moderate with tendencies toward social justice and fiscal responsibility. Trump is a mercurial liar who regularly pushes against the US Constitution, debt limits, science, and the idea of a republic. Get the facts and vote as if the lives of those you love depends on it.

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