An award for courageous journalism

America needs to develop a national award for journalist who step up to defend our Constitution and republic. We could call it the Defense of the Republic award or something similar. We have recently seen the current president claim that he has total power over the states and a reporter had to remind us of the fact that he does not. We have seen the president repeatedly assault the media for factually stating that he was lying about something while reporters continue to seek the truth. We saw the president saying he believed the Russian president over our own intelligence agencies and reporters get him to state this belief. Reporters have exposed the president’s refusal to share his tax returns, divert military crews to his resorts, and charge the secret service premium rates to provide him security. There are many more examples of the media providing a firewall to the assault on our republic. We need to recognize the hero’s amongst us, and make sure that there are more in the future.

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