El Niño and the long hot summer

As we move into the summer months and hopefully have the ability to stay cool; think about where our climate is heading. People who pay attention to climate news have been receiving warnings to act for a long time – decades. We have more technology and choices to reduce our CO2 footprint today than ever before. Making choices that help reduce carbon will impact everything from catastrophic storms to migration, federal budgets, and wars. No one will care about budget deficits when out of control climate issues are creating wars, mass migration, and widespread die-offs. The dreaded outcomes of failure to reduce carbon are accelerating, but knowing we can act to make survival more likely should motivate us all. Whether the news is directly about climate or not, don’t forget the reality of the climate crisis cannot be escaped. Humanity will be defined by what we do or fail to do in this decade. Research and act to avoid a horrific future that will become increasingly apparent in the coming days, months, and years.

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