Big vote in California

America continues to experience lack of respect for citizens as Republican politicians realize they can lie to avoid accountability at will. Racism and tribalism have provided Republicans the ticket for a large train to hell. The liars will not only take themselves to a hellish place, they will take everyone along for the ride if we do not stand up to them. American media has been weak so far in the struggle to define our current reality, but they may be changing. More media seem to recognize the enormous threat that we face, but it remains to be seen whether truth will triumph over lies, and liars. The recall vote in California tomorrow will be an indicator of our future, but only at a minimal level. California is a blue state that should reject foolish liars and their plans for a state of idiocy. California is a large state with many problems that Democrats must tackle more effectively, but right now they are the only party with a grip on reality. Research, vote, and act to protect a decent future for America!

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