Afghanistan today

The pictures from Afghanistan are terrible and the stories are heartbreaking. As usual the 20 year story of how we got here has plenty of blame to go around. We start a war to get the person who attacked us after finding out the Taliban would protect him. The war morphed into wanting to build a modern nation to keep all terrorists from having a base in a failed state. Making other countries into the US has not worked before and did not this time. Trump negotiated a deal with the Taliban leaving the US-backed government out of the negotiations creating massive distrust. A lot of people died fighting the Taliban’s cruelty, but killing more will not solve Afghanistan’s problems. Hopefully President Biden, with help from our allies, will be able to get people out who want to go. Republican finger-pointing should be disregarded as the continued recklessness that it is, but ideas for solutions should be welcomed. Let’s remember that Afghanistan’s refugees represent an opportunity for America, and keep our eyes on the larger problems we continue to face.

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