One White privilege – voting your class or your race

Heather McGhee in her new book “The Sum of Us” says that white Americans have voted their race more than their class, which is why Republicans are where they are. I have observed this phenomena and not known what to call it. Republicans can behave badly, lie, be corrupt, and attack working people and still win. I knew that it was due to racism, but had never heard it put more concisely than Ms. McGhee put it. America is on the edge of choosing fascism over democracy as Republicans in state legislatures propose laws to restrict voting because they lost. Trump has spun his lie of the election being stolen into a movement to restrict voting access. Republicans believe they can destroy democratic norms and still win due to racism in the American electorate. The near future will tell us if America as the shining city on a hill is dead. The world sees us for who we are because it is so obvious. Trump is not hard to figure out. He is a corrupt, racist, sociopath for all who observe him without hoping he will damage their fellow humans of another race/class in America. For those wretched souls who believe he can help them he is reportedly a savior. There are sad days ahead unless Joe Biden can restore hope in America. Research, vote, and work to restore the American dream and republic!

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