Truth or Consequences?

We are living in a time when half of Republicans say they believe Trump won the election and that Antifa assaulted the US Capitol building. Americans listened to a president who made wearing a mask a political issue; and more people died. People in Texas are living with the results of buying lies. The harsh winter storm was unusual, but is expected to be an increasing occurrence in our climate changed world. The damage the storm did to Texas infrastructure was made much worse because the state government sold the idea that business knows best. Business does know what is best for profits, and that is a good thing in a market economy. It is the government’s job to harness the market to work for the people and not against them. Regulations do not hurt us if they are developed with truth and transparency. America has suffered from the triumph of lies, and we must regulate social media and mass media so that they do not become the tools of our destruction. A media system that is accountable for lies and the damage they cause is not a threat to free speech, but a bulwark for it. Americans can handle opinions that are clearly delineated and supported by facts; but the facts cannot become opinion. Research and contact your legislators about regulating media so that the lies do not lead to more death, or the destruction of our republic.

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