Corrupter in Chief

It is 2021 and we are still dealing with the orange con’s criminality and madness. The nation’s first failure was to empower a racist liar in reaction to the election of the first Black president. Failure was compounded as desperate White supremacists in the Republican Party refused to confront continuous lies, corruption, and criminality for the sake of power. The result is the moral collapse of the Republicans combined with the diminished power and status of the United States. People worldwide no longer trust America along with many US citizens losing faith. The system of support for the corruption we see is able to contort on command to maintain the pretense that what we see is somehow reasonable, while rational adults recognize criminality when they see it. Every day of the current regime is a threat to decency and our Republic. If we survive these times remember what you have seen to motivate continued involvement in current events, and politics. There is not someone else out there who will look out for your interests, well-being, or freedom.

One thought on “Corrupter in Chief”

  1. Over the years, so many people should have acted against Donald Trump and failed to do so. Even Raffensperger was reluctant to release the tape. Had Trump not attacked him, the evidence of this crime would still be hidden from the public.


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