Change and hope in the air

We are living through dark times and of that there is no doubt. The assault on our democracy is fueled by a portion of our fellow citizens, but the majority of the voters spoke clearly that they wanted a change and it appears we will get it. Front line health workers were the first to receive the vaccine in our country at the same time that we are smashing new records for infection rate. Lies have gotten us to a point where America’s strengths were turned against it and chaos became a daily feature of life. We have observed that IT CAN HAPPEN HERE. Going forward I am hopeful that more Americans will stay involved because they realize that there is not someone else who will take care of things. We have got to make sure that the wisdom of the crowd is able to come forth by protecting and expanding the right to vote, and the ease of voting. Americans cannot allow a super citizenship to emerge and create an oligarchy or dictatorship. I hope this is the last time we come so close to losing our republic for another hundred years, but I know that each election brings the possibility of new peril. Research and vote in every election!

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