Stacking the Courts for what?

Mitch McConnell and the Republican senate have worked hard to load the Supreme Court with conservative judges. Almost everyone is aware of the anti-abortion stance that has been used to select potential nominees to the Supreme Court. But what other beliefs about the law do the Federalist Society selections for the court get screened for? Every serious voter and citizen should research the Federalist Society and it’s beliefs about private citizens versus police, business, government, etc. Trump has selected a third of the Supreme Court and the US Senate has tolerated his craziness so that he could do it. We will soon begin to find out what a 6-3 conservative court means for the citizens of the United States and how long the court will remain stacked. Conservatives voted for 40 years to bring about the result that we have now (with a little help from lying Mitch McConnell and Republican senators); progressives may have to consistently focus for the same amount of time to rebalance the courts. Research and vote in 2020 and every year.

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