Would a foreign agent try to divide America or unite it?

Donald Trump is suspected by many people with expertise in government and espionage of being an agent for Russia or it’s oligarchs. The experts believe that there is a financial trail that tells the story of who Trump’s real bosses are. Many point to Helsinki and Trump bowing down to Vladimir Putin while rejecting America’s intelligence agencies. Trump still has not released his tax records as he promised he would years ago. We have a new problem today with Trump working to pit Americans against one another using pre-existing racial divides in our society. The Russians used racial divides to help Trump in the 2016 election and are doing so again in 2020. As Americans consider their vote in 2020 here are some questions we should ask ourselves: 1. Why does Trump attack Americans and suck up to Putin? 2. Why doesn’t he release his taxes? 3. Why doesn’t he support our troops when Russians place bounties on their heads in Afghanistan? There are many other questions to ask about Trump and his motivations. See if you can think of three more that I have not mentioned. Research the issues and plan your vote in 2020!

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