Liars are usually thieves

A learned clergyman said that liars are usually thieves, and that if you research the lie you will find a theft of some sort. Reverend Barber was talking about the condition of poor people in our society and the continuous assaults by Republicans on anything that benefits them. Why have we allowed internal divisions in America to become tribal warfare used by foreign nations against us? Wealthy Americans stood and cheered a president as he lied when confronted by a reporter. Trump and his followers will have to deal with their choices, but most Americans must pursue the truth for the republic to survive. Trump’s consistent lying has led to many stories about the election being stolen due to his desperation to avoid justice once he is not president. Trump is understandable as a mentally ill and narcissistic person, but his followers suggest a darkness in our country that must be confronted. The national disgrace of continued amassed resources by the rich leaving more poor people without hope in the wealthiest country on earth must stop. The truth will free us all, but the political parties, media networks, and elected leaders working to diminish voting while broadcasting lies must be defeated before better days arrive.

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