Dark Side in control

America today is a nation with the darkness of the nation’s spirit in control. We are lost. The current administration represents the worst of the human and American spirit, but that does not mean everyone sees it that way. The vote coming in November will determine our future in more ways than we can imagine. Many people are afraid that the nation is being invaded by other cultures driving them to support Trump. Other people are afraid that their rights will be taken away if the current administration continues, or that foreign oligarchs will rule in America. The real issue is what happens to truth, justice, and decency. America will cease to be great and probably unravel as the climate and other issues attack modern civilization. Without America leadership toward a sustainable future; a string of dictators, strongmen, and wars will lead a drift to hell on earth. The three Ds of death, disease, and destruction may run rampant as the climate reduces the amount of people the earth will support. Most of the death will be caused by starvation, war, pestilence, and disease. All of the moves that could have been made to address climate and inequality but were not, will come back to haunt humanity. The 2020 vote is incredibly important and irrevocable.

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