Great podcasts that I recommend

There is a lot of growth in the podcast business and I want to share three essential programs that promote living well and enjoying liberty: 1. The Jocko Podcast is a great listen that reviews books and stories of military veterans and relates them to leadership and living well. Sound difficult? Host Jocko Willink with producer Echo Charles weave career, fitness, and lifestyle with military history and strategy for an entertaining, insightful, and funny show. To quote Jocko – “Discipline = Freedom”. 2. Revisionist History with Malcolm Gladwell is entertaining while teaching you a truth you did not know existed, but should. This is an excellent podcast. 3. The Dave Ramsey Show is great while being straight to the point about money and life – get out of debt, stay out of debt, and enjoy financial freedom. The stories are all different, but the road to better living is the same; get discipline, and lose debt.

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