A New Beginning?

The calendar shows that we are in a new year, but it feels like 2020 continued after the sacking of the US Capitol. America has put itself through a lot with bad decisions and lies taking the country to the brink of disaster. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be sworn in soon providing new direction and hope to millions of Americans. Meanwhile, millions of other Americans believe that evil cannibals are taking over the government, the country is being overrun by minorities, and their savior has been removed from the power. Our country has been turned against itself by the love of power and money while mass and social media companies knowingly spread lies that created havoc to gain audience. We have become addicted to having everything our way including “reality”. America’s challenge going forward is to make the truth widespread, and lies shameful or at least unprofitable. The United States has been a beacon for democracy and human rights around the world; now the light has gone out and we are an unstable country. I am hopeful that the Biden-Harris administration will have the support to make truth normal, to turn the lights in our hearts and souls back on. The struggle between good and evil is eternal; America on the right side of history is relatively recent, our strength is the truth.

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