Balance and Situational Awareness

I have observed that when we are under stress our situational awareness and ability to think critically decline. It is important to stay in your higher brain (neocortex) and away from the reptilian (fight or flee) part for good decision making. To stay in the neocortex you need to think beyond yourself in the moment or detach to look at the situation and possible outcomes of choices. Another way to think of detaching is the term delayed gratification or sacrificing immediate pleasure for long-term success. Everyone deals with temptation and choices in the moment where your ego or desire tells you to do something that will expedite satisfaction, but many times leads to undesired outcomes in the long term. If we can get our mental state to a place where we are feeling positive about our ability to create what we want, we can work to achieve a better future and likely to make good decisions. You can call this belief in our power to meet unmet needs self-confidence, and our mental ability to detach, recognize, and overcome our own strengths and weaknesses balance.

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