Climate change – anxiety and hope

I believe the issue of human induced climate change continuously hovers in the thoughts of a majority of our society. People may not speak of it, or admit that they think about it, but it is in our minds creating angst. A recent poll cited climate change as a reason that a sizable group of millennials did not want children. Population is a driver in climate change. I think the negative tone of our debate over immigration is driven in part by the idea that their are hordes of people looking to come to the USA and Western Europe to escape drought, and violence. There is no doubt that a looming and existential threat is growing.

I believe that there is hope in technology linked to our free markets creating viable solutions that do not include massive wars and die offs. Leadership (selected by an aware citizenry) will make the difference in whether or not we are heading into a long night, or a bright new day.

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