Beautiful Paris

As a two time visitor to Paris, France I came to feel that the greatness of the city lay in it’s people and their love of freedom. The magnificent cathedrals, castles, and museums were a manifestation of the people and their spirit. Norte Dame may have suffered fire today, but it will rise from the ashes and exemplify the triumph of the spirit. Paris was a major site of the great debate over the meaning of life in the Catholic Church centuries ago. Before there was a renaissance this debate between future Saints like Thomas Aquinas, Francis of Assisi, and Bonaventure was over the question of why we exist. The result was a generally accepted belief that we live to enjoy this life, and not suffer as we wait for a better existence after death (see the book “Aristotle’s Children by Richard E. Rubinstein for more information). Paris and Norte Dame represent the ideas that human love, creativity, and freedom are to be cherished as we strive to be worthy of our creator.

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