The Power of Habit- a timely New Year book review

Charles Duhigg wrote a powerful book (The Power of Habit) that gives us tools to impact a central area of our lives – habits. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to improve their life. Here is a brief summary of the central question key points of the book. What’s the best way to release yourself from negative habits? You need to understand the habit loop; which is made up of three stages:

1.Cue – something that triggers your habit

2.Routine – the behavior that follows after you’ve triggered your habit

3.Reward – the positive reinforcement your brain identifies with the routine you use.

The key to breaking out of habit loops is to understand these three stages and little changes you can make in any one, or all of them to change your behavior. With time and discipline you can make small substitutions or choices consistently and change whatever you desire about your habits!

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